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Who We Are

Company Overview

exterior2_west-hillLegacy Companies naturally evolved as a result of the position savvy real estate investors often find themselves in when seeking to further enhance their investment portfolios. The age old question of “now what do I do” is answered through the strategically targeted investment and management services provided by our team.

Our team has over twenty years of experience which can assist each investor navigate through the investment decision process, the acquisition or development process, and end the journey strategically partnered with a solid management company poised to continue to add value to each asset in the portfolio.

We realize structuring any portfolio depends on each individual investor’s end game. While we have assembled a talented team to provide top notch guidance throughout the process, we discovered our talents not only went beyond the routine investment strategies, but our team exceled at developing successful innovative investment transactions leading to enhanced asset value and investor returns.

Our Proficiencies

  • Investments
  • Acquisitions
  • Development
  • Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program


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What Does “Legacy” Stand For?

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